Friday, February 12, 2010

Pics# 39-42

I had a jam packed day planned for us including a fun afternoon at Chuck E Cheese's. The kids have only been there once and were excited about it. But our morning was horrible. Getting the kids ready to get out the door to Vienna's preschool and a morning Military Moms meeting for me and Lance, didn't go as planned. Lance was whiny and had a bad attitude. I warned him that if he continued, we wouldn't go to CEC. Well he continued on in the van so I announced that it was final. We weren't going. I am so thankful that Vienna was understanding. (She received lots of praise privately for this.) But I think she didn't mind too much because sure enough BOTH kids fell asleep in the van after preschool. TIRED!

Pic# 39. Exhibit L.

Pic# 40: Exhibit V.
Once they woke up we had a much better day!!! They actually slept in the van in my driveway while I ran in and let the dog out, updated my Facebook status and checked email. Then we whisked away again to go to my baby check-up but not before visiting with a certain awesome friend who was in town. *wink*

Vienna had a great morning at preschool and the kids exchanged Valentine's Day cards. A couple of them came with tattoos. Vienna shared the pirate one with Lance.

Pic# 41... Lance showing me his tattoo. He wasn't overly impressed.

Pic# 42: Vienna LOVED her Belle tattoo! Auntie Shaneeka would be proud.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo proud!!! <3

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

You can call me awesome anytime you want. ;)

Kales said...

YES!!! Lance has an ambulance in that photo!! I'm so proud!