Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365. Pics 8 & 9.

Yesterday it snowed again and I tried to capture the beautiful flakes but couldn't do it right! My photos were too dark and the flakes too blurry. Any pros out there have some good tips for capturing this beauty? Or even amateurs who know more than me? Setting ideas? Rather than bore you with my poor attempts, I decided to take some shots today. I have two for today. At least I am caught up!
We have received so much snow this year and it's so much colder than I recall in the almost 10 years I've lived here. I always said that CT winters were nothing because you don't need a hat. Well lately, I need a hat!! These are the days I am beyond grateful for a garage that I can park in... and a car to drive. It wasn't long ago that I used public transit and had to scrape my car clean. I am so blessed to have these things in my life and I do not take them for granted.

Here is the beauty I saw today.
Pretty icicles on our shed... who needs to string lights? hehe
And the sunlight within the trees was so stunning. I find myself just watching the woods a lot here.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I have been thinking about doing some icicle shots as well! Great photos you've posted! And when you learn some new tips and tricks....pass them on my


Kales said...

to capture snow flakes you need a slow shutter speed and tripod, or table. Put your camera on delay. For a 'setting' you'd want to pick one that is set for a long shutter speed, so maybe the night time setting. Also turn your flash off. Great photos, I'm enjoying them!