Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365. Pics 5, 6 & 7.

In an effort to get caught up on the date of Jan.7th and having 7 photos done, here are 3 more!

First is another project 365 that I want to get through! My first ever bible read thru. I have been at it for years and never finished. So this first photo represents what I really need to focus on in life. I want to know the stories, the history and more about Jesus. I listened to a song on the radio the other day and the lyrics asked if we'd recognize Jesus if He returned. I'm afraid that I don't know my Savior to that degree that I want to. So onward and forward 2010... I will accomplish much this year.
My friend Lori is the one who inspired me to do this fun and creative project. She is taking photos based on an illumination theme. So this one is for her:

It was definitely a learning experience as I played with my diff camera features to capture this shot. It's not as crisp as I want it so I still have much to learn. But hey, you can see the dust! Cool.

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Anonymous said...

Well friend!!! I LOVE the topic and photo for the 1st one!!!! 2 many people do not know much or anything about the bible....keep me posted on how you make out with that project!! Is the book an easy read...easy 2 follow???
As for the 2nd & 3rd photos....LOVE them!!! And that light fixture is very nice as well!!! Good eye!!!
I am only doing the illumination theme for a week and then I will move on to something else...who knows lol.....
Can't wait 2 see more!