Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 365. Pics 17, 18 & 19.

Catch up time again! Life if flying by. I can't even keep track of things anymore. Rely on my planner more than ever now.
So here are some random shots from the past couple days.

Toys toys toys... EVERYWHERE! That is the biggest constant in my life. I love the little figurines the kids have. I think these guys are just so cute!

Sometimes the stairs are a pirate ship, and other times the kids just play house on them. I don't have a clue what this was about but at least V & L play well together! That's all a momma could ask for.

Right now I am on my main desk computer in my office. This is where all my photos and docs are stored. But during the day I typically surf the web on my netbook. But it's been taken over by some other force. Couple things we gotta to do but time isn't our friend this week. Jay working lots so fixing it is on hold. I don't speak computers so I need my man to help. My facebook/email time will be limited til I get that fixed. Not really a bad thing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said... the little toy picture!!! And of course stairs are fun!!! They are anything and everything all at once when you a little child!!!! We used to roll all our marbles down them all at once....*sigh* ohh the memories!! I wanna be a kid again!!!! lol

And as for the last photo...I hope you can get it fixed soon....your such a busy wonder you need a daily planner!!!! Post more when you can.....I'll be waiting and watching!!!