Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365. Pics 1 & 2.

My friend Lori told me about a photo challenge where you take a pic a day for 365 days. Well I pretty much do that already but what I like about this is that you learn more about photography as you challenge yourself creatively. AAaaand I have a friend doing it, so why not. I have an album on Facebook with some of my artsy fartsy shots but the idea of this is to also document your life. I figured I might as well do that here on my blog. As a stay at home mom, I like the idea of a creative outlet so I'm going to use my blog to share this challenge. (Although I may not get to posting my photos each day.)

If this is something that interests you, click here to learn more. And please let me know if you are joining me so we can check out each other's pics!

I am an amateur who just likes to try to capture whatever my eye catches. Please contact me if you want to borrow a picture. I claim ownership on all photos posted here.
Now to catch up since it's Jan.4th. Here are pictures 1 & 2:
Pic.1. No flash glimpse of our new wood stove.
Pic.2. My son sleeping on the couch. He is almost 3 and doesn't nap every day but needs it. He just stays up playing when I put him in his room. After a while I let him come out. Today he watched a movie while I did dishes. When I checked on him, he was flopped over on the dog's bed (yes it's a cat bed... she is part cat. We are convinced.)


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Mary!!! SOO glad you decided to do this project as well!!! We will both learn from each other and enjoy the beauty of everything that catches our eye!! Can't wait 2 see more......


In Light of the Truth... said...

fun! I have a friend that just finished doing this pic a day challenge, and I loved following her pictures! look forward to watching you grow in your artsy fartsy little way! =)