Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365. Pic 4.

We just moved to a new house in November. Our old house had a fenced in yard for our dog and it was wonderful! Our new home doesn't have a fence so to give our Lopsi (named after Cyclosp) more freedom, we decided to install an electric dog fence. Sadly, she isn't going able to go thru the training at the normal rate because we've gotten so much snow and it's cold out there! Poor girl just goes out to do her business and comes right back in. So we are in a "holding pattern" until her yard becomes more of a fun place!
Here is my beautiful dog.
We adopted her in Feb 2004 and were told she was about 1 1/2. She lived at the shelter for 7 months before we brought her home. So she is about 7 now. We suspect she is part Boston Terrier and Rat Terrier. We were told she was abused hence the one eye and although she is timid, she is the perfect dog! No messes... doesn't chew anything... barely sheds... and loves to cuddle and burrow in blankets.
Don't let her small size fool ya. She killed a skunk, a mole, and crickets are a regular thing in the summer. We are certain of what she'd do with a squirrel or a cat if she ever caught one. I love my Lopsi girl. She caught my eye while sunbathing today.... We are all having a lazy dog day at home.

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2 cute! When I am not doing a *theme* week...I will try to take photos that maybe I can write something about them....but blah my lifestyle is just 2
Soo we'll