Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 365. Pic 13.

I took ONE picture today and then my camera battery died. I've been carrying my camera around with me and usually only bring my backup battery to events or parties, so that's my excuse. I was bummed too because I had a doc appt and thought it'd be fun to get a shot in the his office.... you know a bottle of cotton balls or the scale or something. So my mind is thinking about photos. This is a fun project.
Well the pic I took is of my Lance again. We stopped off at McDs to play. He got to the top of the structure with his wonderful sister's help but he was too afraid to go across the bridge. He laid down and thought deep thoughts for an almost 3 year old. If I had a chance to redo, I would have liked a photo without that reflective dust dot thing on his hair, and the focus is too sharp on the net. BUT on a positive note, for only ONE attempt, his face is golden! Love this boy. (There were about 10 other children playing all around him so this pic does NOT reflect the true env't. That's what makes this so fascinating to me. And I zoomed up to him.)
PS. Most of these shots are straight from my camera. I rarely edit photos. If I do, it's typically to crop something distracting out, or add text.

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Anonymous said...

Aww cute shot!!! Great 2 see your mind on diff things for photos!!!