Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Newman News 2009

Every Christmas since 2001, I've typed up a letter to include in our Christmas cards. I enjoy trying to come up with a different idea each year. Since we moved this year, my friend Kaley gave me the great idea for this year. Here is a photo of my 8x14 letter. Since it's hard to see, I have included the text below for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Here is the photo enlarged:

The Manger Scene by Vienna age 4.
(Baby Jesus is yellow with red arms. Mary & Joseph are to the right. The 3 wise men are red.The shepherd is brown carrying a staff. And of course, the angel above is purple.)

2009 was a great year for the Newman’s! Jay and I agree that it was one of the best yet.

Vienna, 4 and Lance, 2 played so well together. It helps that Lance can now talk and play make believe right along with his big sister. We went on our first camping trip in New Hampshire, spending a day at Storyland – a fun amusement park. And we enjoyed God’s creation more than ever with our curious little explorers!

We are expecting Baby Newman 3 around April 24, 2010. We are so excited to have the chance to love another sweet baby BOY and watch him grow. It has been a joy to have Vienna and Lance and know that this little bundle will add so much to our family. God teaches us a lot through our kids and we are excited to continue our journey with Him as the center of our lives.
We upgraded from a 3 bedroom home to one with 4 bedrooms to make room for our growing family and guests! So please come and visit! We love company!

Jay’s work schedule keeps him busy. He works long days, some evenings and weekends. But this year he made more time for hobbies. Jay is a gun enthusiastic. He loves the workmanship of firearms and is passionate about defending the Constitution and the right to bear arms. He helped to get a gun rights group started this year, and became a certified instructor with the National Rifle Association (NRA). That allows him to train people who want to get their pistol permits.

I have been busy this year as leader of a Military Moms support group. I attend a women’s bible study and a card-making group at our church as well. I love paper crafts and have enjoyed meeting ladies with the same interest. We’ve had a fun year and look forward to what 2010 brings!

We wish you the Merriest of all Christmases! Happy New Year!
Love Mary, Jay, Vienna, Lance & Baby Boy

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