Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Ornaments and traditions

It was so fun to get our Christmas decorations out with the kids this year. Vienna told me many times that she remembered certain ones so things are already becoming nostalgic for her! I love it!! Last year I wrote about some traditions that we do so if you click HERE you can see that post. But another thing I do is buy the kids one Christmas tree ornament a year. I've gotten them personalized ones but if I buy generic ones, I use a perm marker to put their name and date on the bottom. I pack all their ornaments away and keep them together each year with a sheet of paper describing the ornament and why I bought it. That way we can look back and remember easily. When the kids are older and move out, they will each have their own set of tree ornaments.
I got this idea from the Williams years ago and have since heard of other families doing it. Seems like a simple but great tradition to have going. And the kids LOVE going throught THEIR ornaments and putting them on the tree. Just look at their faces:


Anna's Yellow House said...

I have a whole box of ornaments received over the years! My mom put names & dates on them even if it was easy to tell to help us remember. I like the idea of keeping a paper with the reason why!

Samantha said...

I too love the ornaments that my Mom gave us every year, and I have carried on the tradition with Scott since his first Christmas. The ornaments from my Mom and the ones I got for Scott are BY FAR my favourite ornaments. Kaley and I use to play with our ornaments on the tree, and set up little "homes" for them with a Christmas tree light and neighbours. Unfortunately, my old dog Annie got a hold of some of them and chewed them up, but I still have most of them in tact. What a great tradition to carry on, Mary! :)