Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nausea & Homes

I am taking anti-nausea drugs and wow do they make a world of difference. Unlike previous pregnancies, I don't get nauseous throughout the day and I can function! I never even knew this was an option for me and am so excited about it. But I have to confess I still have hard times in the morning and late at night. (Before I get the pill in me and perhaps when it starts to wear off. ) I knew going to bed last night that I was hungry and should have had a bigger snack than some cheese. I woke up this morning before the kids, feeling off as always. I ate my bowl of cereal to settle my tummy. I've been doing that for 5 weeks... eating a little something before I start moving around and it's worked great. But today I was passed the point of no return. The kids woke up. I went to get them and then get their morning drinks. That was too much and I wasn't ready. I knew the feeling well from my other pregnancies and boy I'm glad I cleaned my toilet yesterday for a house showing. Mini-wheats are heavy my friends. And at the risk of TMI.... it was almost better because I wasn't a fire hose like in the past. So alas... I'll be 11 weeks on Saturday and today was the 1st time I threw up. But the drugs are still glorious because throwing up brought relief. This is not a feeling a know. I think the pills are very effective.

And on to other news... our home has been on the market for a month. There have been no offers yet but people who've seen it are saying it's one of their favs. We found a house that we love but are still actively searching to keep our options open. Our realtor said that our home is what's selling right now because first time home-buyers get a tax incentive that expires in November. So realistically we need an offer soon to close by Nov.30th. I really trust God in all the details. I'm not overly anxious but Jay is going away for 3 weeks between now and Nov.30th so I just pray that I can handle it all. So that's the low down on the house. If we have to stay here til next summer and try to sell then, I am fine with that but man... cleaning for showings can be busy! I actually left a candle burning yesterday and a dirty bagged diaper out front because I forgot to put it in the garbage can AND overlooked a hand towel on the bathroom counter that didn't get hung up after a certain little girl washed her hands. I'm a lady of details what can I say.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Si glad the drugs are working for you! That's a feeling I remember alllll too well.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I really can spell. :)