Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My mind won't stop.

My mind won't stop. I must get it out and vent. I know once I share it with the world, I'll feel better. Plus, I use this as an escape... procrastinating those dishes. Ugh. My least fav house chore.

We are moving soon. We have a contract on our home and we are moving forward with the purchase of another. Both homes will have the inspections this Friday. We are on a time crunch and closing the end of November before Thanksgiving assuming all goes smoothly.

I just have a lot on my to do list... Here is my schedule as I look for sympathy. Or rather explain to my dear friends why I shall be neglecting them.

Here is glimpse of just the next 4 days....
9:30 - friend and fellow Military Moms Ministry leader over to visit and discuss our group. We're trying to start a babysitting co-op. Many details.
12:00 - V has speech therapy. I take her and friend. I drive said friend home and visit with her mom, my friend - having lunch together. Precious adult time.
3:00 - Birthday party at a different friend's house.
PM - After getting kids to bed I have to clean the house for an inspection! New owner will be here and I want the house spotless and picked up well.

Take V to preschool.
Set up for Military Moms Ministry meeting but leave shortly thereafter.
Our new home is getting inspected, as is our current home. Must take the dog with me this a.m.

Run errands. MIL possibly coming to visit. She has a broken ankle so won't be help, but I sure love the company. Collecting boxes and will start to pack the garage.

On top of all this, Jay is away for a course. I started our annual Christmas newsletter and edited my Christmas card list. Many cuts and addresses to update this year. I do a weekly bible study that I go to unprepared because I keep forgetting to do my homework. And another study I do by phone with a friend has been neglected too. My list of cards to make for friends is getting longer and I don't have time to make the cards I want to.

*deep breath*

And I escape to the computer so I don't have THINK about a thing. My mind is starting to go into overdrive. I did laundry yesterday and left it wet in the washer all day and all night and again all day today. Just forgot about it. Take 2 going down now. As I blog.

Time to watch some TV... prepare some notes for Military Moms... snack... clean supper dishes... shower before bed (too nauseous in the morning - ya I'm pregnant thru this craziness too).

Thank you for whoever stayed with me to read all this.... I just need to vent and look for some sympathy! haha!


Kales said...

Hang in there, things will calm down once the move is over...keeping you in prayer

Anna's Yellow House said...

I'm praying for you! i remember the stress of buying my house and moving well. And i wasn't trying to sell another house too. Do you get to go to the inspection of your "new" house?