Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on moi

Well it's been almost a month since I posted on here. I guess I'm just being too productive to post. hehe... Actually life have changed drastically in the last month. If you read my kids' blog, you'll know I announced to my blog friends this weekend that we are expecting our 3rd child in April. Otherwise, surprise! I'm 9 weeks pregnant! Although we are very excited, it was quite a turn of events! It's amazing to see the plan God has for our lives and it's kind of fun to be going down a path we didn't expect. God has His plan and we're glad to be a part of it.
We live in a small house so have decided to put our home up for sale with hopes to get something a little bigger. 4 bedrooms is the goal! So we've been searching for homes online, doing drive-bys, getting inside tours with our realtor AND cleaning as we show our house. To top it off, Vienna started preschool and speech therapy again. My weekly bible study started AND the military moms group I'm involved in at my church will start up again in October. I've been doing SO MUCH.
So... that is the quick update around here. I am feeling great (thanks to some anti-nausea drugs) and other than being tired, I have no complaints.
I decided to post this quick update on here, with hopes that you may remember us in your prayers. We just want to find a nice home to raise our kids in and pray we make a wise decision. Not to mention prayer for our new little baby bean. Thank you!!! Happy Autumn!

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Kathy said...

great update! will be praying for you!