Saturday, August 22, 2009

Born again

It's been 9 years since I made the decision to follow Christ. On Aug.22, 2000, I spent the evening at Roaring 20s chatting with two great people... Robyn & Katrina. They answered many questions I had that particular night. Later, after midnight, in the privacy of my home, I told God that I wanted to follow His ways, and I understood the sacrifice Jesus made for me. I needed to accept His Gift to me. Once I did, I felt the strongest sense of peace I have ever felt! It was awesome. I crawled back into bed with Jay (since the only private place was the bathroom of our studio apt) and woke him up to tell him my news.
Aug.23rd is a special day for me because my life became different. That's why they say born again. You start fresh as a new person in Christ. And I definitely am not the same as I once was.

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Kathy said...

yay Mary! Happy Anniversary!