Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book review: Prairie Tales by Melissa Gilbert

I love watching Little House on the Prairie reruns. I loved it as a child and now I watch it with my own. I recently saw Melissa Gilbert's book "Prairie Tale" in a book store which was released this year. I just finished reading it after borrowing it from my local library (love libraries!). I have to say the book is not all all what I expected. Being called "Prairie Tale" I would think it'd be about her time on the show. But it was her biography that should have been called Hollywood Tales. It was all about her life, problems, addictions & gossip about people she met. I thoroughly loved the parts about Little House, especially since she referred to episodes by name and I knew them. (Another perk to my DVR). But I didn't care for all the drama and tangents about celebrities that had nothing to do with her own life. Gossip at it's best I suppose.

So if you are a fan of the show, just go to the book store, open the book to the Little House section - read that then scan the pics and you'll be satisfied. (I think the book is called Prairie Tale as a play on words of Fairy Tale. She lived in a little perfect bubble that wasn't reality.)

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