Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Travelling with kids

We went away in July and are going away again in August. One of the most stressful things about travelling with kids is packing! So a few trip ago I made a master "packing list". I typed it up in Word and just print it out before I start the dreadful deed. Now it's not so bad. I've already edited it a few times as the kids age because I no longer have to pack the travel highchair, etc. It'll continue to change as the kids grow but I find this system works for me so I don't have to wonder what I left at home.

Another thing I found to make travelling easier with small kids is games and activities. I found a website at and I've printed a few things from there. I also use a portable DVD player and lollipops for those restless times!

Tis the season to be travelling so thought I'd share some things that make my life easier.

EDIT: I found that website after a friend recommended it. Thanks Kaley!!


Kales said...

um...WHO found that website??

Bethany said...

Just one piece of info - this is a really really great thing for travelling! Only my youngest has one but it is so much easier with food etc in the car than it ever was when my other 2 were smaller!!
Worth every single penny.