Friday, July 31, 2009

I love my clipboard o' paper.

I LOVE stationary. Nothing better than a new, fresh, & untouched notepad. (Especially sticky notes. Ones of man's best inventions.)
But I am big into reusing too.
I save all unripped tissue from gifts to use again. (But I'm not as commited as an older (depression era?) lady I saw at a shower gathering large pieces of wrapping paper to reuse.)

I save all 8x11 papers that have a blank side to use for scrap paper. I put them on a clipboard and leave them on my desk.

Great sources are junk mail, kids' church handouts, notes from preschool, even printed gift registries from stores. The cashier wanted to throw out the 15 pages or so I had. *small gasp*

I use the paper for all sorts of things... notes when on the phone, kids to draw on... even print directions on. Then when I am done, I recycle it. Guilt free.
Just doing my part and saving some money too.

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