Thursday, July 9, 2009

Binders of memories

I wanted to share an easy way to capture memories and the binders I keep for the kids.

I keep journals for the kids on the computer in Word. I just type up stories that I typically like to share with people or milestones, etc that I want to remember. (You could just copy/paste emails that you send out. If it's good enough to update someone, it's good enough for a binder.) At the end of the year I print them out and put them in binders. When I first started, I was fancy and used stickers but no longer do that.
For now I keep a lot in the binders: their ultrasound pics, hospital bands, footprints, and even selected artwork in a folder at the back.

Every year on their birthday, I trace their hand and mine and let them color the page. It's fun to see how their hands have grown as well as how their coloring improves.
I also take the time to hand write a "love letter". Rather than just being about milestones, it's about how they've changed me, how much I love them and what I want for their future. These are rather personal and I don't share those online. (Nor do I share all stories online. I type things up in Word then copy/paste for their blog omitting things that are private.)

Below is a pic of a little love letter; they don't need to be long. And Vienna's 4 year old hand.
It really takes no time to do this and I hope the kids like looking back when they get older. My mom kept a 12 year school folder book for me and I love going thru that.

Here are Vienna's 1 year old hands compared to mine. See how much she's grown!

I also am glad I kept these stories because I can refer back if people ask how old the kids were when they crawled or ate solids. I don't have those things memorized. But don't tell anyone. What kind of mother am I to not remember such things! I rely on these binders to keep up the facade. :o) hehe But seriously, it's great for me to look back and read up on something I went through with Vienna as I deal with Lance. Or refer back to when Lance had all his belly issues and how I dealt with it (as was the recent issue with a friend). Some things just don't stay in my memory bank even if I thought there is no way I'd forget.

Time slips away all to quickly and this is my way to remember as much as I can for my kids when they are older. Also if something were to happen to me, they have my words to look back on. I hope that when they grow, they can see how much I love them. Ultimately that is why I do this.

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