Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Organizing stamps

After storing stamps in a box, I needed a new system for my ever growing collection. Stamps were being forgotten and I needed something easy since I don't have much space to work. (One day cute shelves will be nice but for now I need something cheap that I can tuck away.)
I learned how to organize my stamps on this site. They use page protectors and cardboard. Of course you want to sort your stamps by theme. Here are some of my "word" stamps. It's an easy system with supplies I already had on hand. They cover the ugly brown cardboard with card stock and that'd be the next step but for now I'm happy. They also suggest tabs and I'll do that once I have more stamps.

The other thing I did (based on a system Linda who is from my church & card group uses) is I copied all my stamps (you could just ink them on paper but I didn't want to clean each stamp). When I need a stamp or am looking for inspiration, I just have to go through to see what I have. You get to a point where you forget what you have.
(I think Linda puts numbers next to the stamp on paper that corresponds to a numbered drawer where the stamp in located. If you have as many as her, I think that's a super idea!)

If anyone else has other ideas on how to organize stamps, I'd love to hear it!

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Kales said...

I keep my stamps (own fewer than 12 I think) in a little rubbermaid type container. This probably wouldn't work well once you have several.