Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose blog was a scam

I had a link here on my blog for months as I followed the story of April Rose. I know I introduced some of you to her but if you don't know about it, you're lucky to not have wasted time following the story. I won't waste any more by catching up you about her. You can click here to view someone's blog dedicated to revealing it. But the short of it is, the whole thing was a scam. Some people put ads on their blogs so when people click on them, they get paid. It is believed that is what it was all about.
Two of my fav blogs are MckMama's over at My Charming Kids, and Bring The Rain by Angie Smith. They just posted about this issue. So many people were deceived. I didn't get scammed financially but I definitely have lost a lot of TIME reading the blog, checking for updates and even emailing "B" a couple times (to which she replied). So it's all so sad how far people will go for selfish gain.
So that's the latest gossip going around bloggy land.
It's too bad because B was a good writer and spoke on many truths.

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