Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Sales!

How I love Yard Sales! On Friday night a local church had an "early bird" from 6-8pm. I took Vienna and off we went. There was a $5 admission, but once in I got all this for under $20!!! You can click on the pics to enlarge but some favs were the globe ($1), Toy Story figurines (25 cents), cork boards I wanted anyway ($1 unopened), and books for 50 cents apiece. The funniest part was going thru the stuff and having Vienna say: "Mommy look we have these.", to which I replied "Not anymore". This is the church were I go to MOPS and I donated some stuff. LOL!
I got this box of cards for $1! I went thru and pulled out a bunch that I want and am donating the rest to Vienna's preschool. They go thru lots of stuff like this.

Saturday a friend and I drove around town to find some amazing treasures. One lady was clearing out her scrapbooking supplies and I got this stack of textured paper for $1!!!! They are 12x5 I think - perfect for cards.
These unopened packets of paper were on 50 cents each! See why I stocked up!

I also got a wooden crate filled with train tracks, bridges, trains, etc... for $3! They can be $50 new! So that was a steal. All in all I have to say that this weekend was a major success! My tip would be to get to the church sales if you can't drive around to individual ones. So much stuff and the profits from this church went to a local organization helping the homeless get re-established! Plus it's a lot of fun!!

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