Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TV tips and "my shows"

I love TV, but I love my DVR more. In fact I don't think I'd watch the shows I do if I didn't record them. Reality shows are my weakness but I skip over much of the foolishness, often watching a 1-hour show in 20min.

For example: I love Dancing With The Stars. I started watching this season purely for Shawn Johnson the gymnast and I like the pros. But I can't stand many parts and skip them... The introduction for one, Samantha's backstage interviews are horrible and all the TV show plugs that Tom does. I love the recorded pieces of their practice and of course the dance itself. On result show nights, I skip over the parts they replay and all the auditions for the new pro too. My remote has a cool SKIP feature which I use all.the.time!
My fav pro is Cheryl and I now love Gilles. I don't vote though and really don't care who wins. But he is my fav because I look forward to seeing them perform each week.

I also watch American Idol. I skip the intro and get right to behind the scene stuff and the performances. If the song stinks, I just skip it. I often skip judges comments too except Cara and Simon. They rock. I skip Ryan reciting the phone numbers and the commercials! Glorious! Saves me time! (I often use my TV time to fold laundry, write cards, or even surf Facebook etc on my iPod. Last night I cleaned the livingroom since it was the "room of the day" per my previous post.)

Last night was a busy TV night with The Biggest Loser finale on as well as the other two previously mentioned shows! My DVR can record two shows at once. What I did last night was start watching my shows after they'd been on awhile. I can watch anything on my DVR even while it records two other shows! I skipped over the footage I had already seen. I skipped over all the info and voting stuff on those two girls competing to get in next season. I love Tara and was so sad that she lost to an unhealthy looking Helen. Oh well... at least she never fell below the yellow line and proved to be so strong!
(When the regular shows were on I skipped all the dragged out drama at the scale and the tearful explanations at the voting table. I just like to get to the point!)

I was rather pathetic last night though. When I caught up to live TV, I'd flip over to the other show that was recording. So I bounced between Idol and Biggest Loser skipping lots of stuff as I went along. I caught up to live TV again at 10:30 and with only 1/2 left I watched it. What a waste of time. It was so anticlimactic!

So my TV tip would be to get a DVR of some kind... I get my service for $5ish/mo thru my dish company. And I only pay $24.99/mo for my dish because I bundle services. It's a sweet sweet thing. I watched 5 hours of TV last night in about 2.5 hours. Oh golly.. that's so sad to say out loud. Don't judge me. haha!


Kathy said...

I feel the same about my DVR and watch a lot of the same shows!!! hahaha ... no judgment here! =D

Kales said...

if we ever get cable, I'll concider a DVR, my parents have one and are recording some shows while on vacation. Sure beats a VCR.