Monday, May 11, 2009

A room a day keeps the stress away.

My Mom is coming from Canada this Friday to visit us for the first time in FOUR years! In anticipation, I am cleaning my house a little better than normal. It's good motivation to finally get the Spring Cleaning done. Windows, walls, dusting, etc rather than just picking up the toys and calling it a day. Gotta make Mommy feel like she raised me well! hehe

The way I am handling this "could be overwhelming" task is by assigning one room a day all this week. Today is the kitchen. I was a good little monkey and man do I feel good! Check out the before and after of my desk!

Pretty good huh? I love a little visual to keep me motivated. I also got outside and did gardening for the 1st time ever and although I don't have a clue what I'm doing, it turned out ok. (I'd be happy to get ideas if you had them.)

Tomorrow is the livingroom. I'll dust the picture frames, vacuum the curtains, dust the ceiling fan and wash the windows on top of the regular stuff I always do. I think I like this system. So much so I just might continue the one room a day thing from now on....?


Anna's Yellow House said...

cool idea! The desk looks great! and so does the garden stuff.

Kathy said...

great idea and it all looks great too! I'm going to be saying that phrase in my head all day ... a room a day ... =D

Bethany said...

How wide is your flower bed? It would look good if you put in some daylilies and possibly a couple of small evergreen plants. Let me know if you want me to help...I think the craziness of my schedule may be winding down!