Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy coming!

♫ You better watch out. You better not cry. You better clean the house. I'm telling you why. Grandma Jo is coming to town. She knows when you are messy. She knows when you are clean. She knows when you did a good job. Or reminds her of a teen. Oh... ♫
(That was my facebook status. Catchy isn't it? The things that go thru my mind when I'm cleaning!)

My Mom & her boyfriend Larry are traveling today to come visit for 4 days! My Mom hasn't been here in FOUR YEARS! I am really excited and using this opportunity to get the Spring Cleaning done. It's worked and I've been very productive the past few days! Only one catch... I have a 4 and 2 year old. They are literally going behind me and creating a huge mess! At this point it is humorous and I don't expect my Mom to walk into a tidy home but it will be clean!
I keep the kids' books on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. Lance likes to pull all the books off. I had them all lined up, spines facing out (rare) for once. *sigh* Vienna brought out some toys from her bedroom today too. They don't like playing in their rooms if I am not in there.

Unless of course I just cleaned their rooms and it's a fresh space to mess up! Here are the kids in Lance's room this morning. It was all picked up and vacuumed last night JUST before bed. Wouldn't know it now.

My friend Kathy wrote a terrific post about appreciating these younger years so that's why I am having a good attitude about the state of our HOME. It's suppose to be a haven and young babes live and play here. Enough said!

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