Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Kids shouldn't cry"

Yes that was a quote I heard this morning! I completely forgot to get milk yesterday when I was out so off we went to the corner store just after 7am . I brought the kids with me and when we entered the store, Lance stopped to look at the chips. I told him to follow me (to the back of the store to get milk) or I would carry him. I took a couple steps and he wasn't coming so I scooped him up and off we went. At the checkout I put him down and Lance was still fussy and upset from the episode 30 seconds prior and Mr.Cashier asked me what he wanted. He offered him a lollipop and said that kids shouldn't cry! I said no thank you because it was too early and they needed breakfast first, hence the reason I was there. He repeated that kids shouldn't cry and that you should give them what they want. I was shocked but clear-minded enough to ask him if he had kids. Nope! He did not. Surprise surprise. So people without kids.... KIDS CRY! ALL THE TIME! And as parents our job is train them and part of that training is to teach them obedience, patience and delayed gratification. There is no way I would let Lance get a lollipop while crying. Maybe I'd bribe him and tell him that when he stops he'd get it... but oh the words of the ignorant.
And this got me thinking about something else. Before life with kids and while shopping, if I heard a baby cry, I'd just think that the parents should leave and come back another time. But you can plan things PERFECTLY... shop between naps, just after snack or a feeding for babies... but sometimes kids just don't want to be in a store. They cry. They protest. They turn heads. And well, after changing a poopy diaper, returning home for the diaper bag or some other item you forget, and realizing it does take the whole morning to get to the store to pick up a pack of wipes and paper towels... you just can't just go back another time! The kids will just have to cry and single shoppers should just put up with it. Just like us parents put up with the questions and comments that we get.

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NubianQueen said...

Very good parenting! You're funny too! Thank you for you advice on weaning today@the brunch. So, glad we were there at the same time! Have a great day, evening, and weekend!
-Your friend NubianQueen