Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandma was here!

Grandma Jo and her boyfriend Larry arrived on Friday to spend the long weekend with us. (Monday was Victoria Day in Canada.) They arrived on Friday afternoon. We ordered pizza for supper and they tried a “white pie” for the first time. They never call pizzas pies in Saint John and a white pie doesn’t have tomato sauce. We had the chicken ranch and Grandma was licking her chops enjoying it. We also got a tomato based normal one for them to try. So yummy! Mom brought Humpty Dumpty brand Cheesies which have become a little tradition with her and the kids. They gobbled them up!

Saturday, Jay had to work. I took Mom and Larry to the Olde Mistick Village to walk around one of our favorite spots that has a duck pond in the middle.

From there we went downtown Mystic, a ritzy little spot to just walk around and take in the sights. It’s located on the river and the boats and scenery are so nice. We walked down the boardwalk and took the kids to the park to play.

It was a beautiful day and sadly the only sunny one while they were here. When the kids were napping, we left Larry home and Mom and I went shopping for a little bit. I made them a chicken casserole for supper and we just hung out here for the evening.
Jay was still gone for his drill weekend and didn’t return until suppertime on Sunday. On Sunday morning, the rest of us went to Target just to explore. It’s close to the mall so we stopped over there afterwards to walk around. I can’t believe how great Lance was because he is not normally a shopper! But he stayed in his little stroller like a good boy. Vienna did a lot of walking and I was so proud of her. The mall has a play area so I did reward the kids with some play time while Mom and Larry went to JCPenney and Macy’s. We didn’t get home until past the kids nap time but they were pooped. In the afternoon during the kids’ nap time, Mom and Larry tried to find the casino but there was an event going on and parking was hard to find. They gave up after two parking garages were full and just returned here. They brought back some steaks and Larry grilled them up for us. Mmmmm!

Monday was their last day and jammed pack with excitement (that included Jay!). I made my Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. We went to the Aquarium.

After spending lots of time checking out everything we came home for naps. As soon as the kids woke up we went off to Chuck E Cheeses! The kids hadn’t been there before and since it was a cold day, Mom liked the idea of going inside somewhere. I wanted her to watch the kids experience something new. It’s the small things that she misses out on since we live so far apart and that was really special to me.

We ended our final day together eating at my favorite local restaurant. I love their fried seafood and we got the seafood platter. I think we all purred during most of that meal!

Today is Tuesday and they hit the road early this morning not even staying long enough for breakfast. So now it’s back to regular life. *sigh* It’s so sad to see company go. We enjoyed the visit a lot!


Kales said...

It sounds like you had a really great visit!! Great photos too!

NubianQueen said...

What an excellent visit! I want some of the Humpty Dumpty Cheesy things! You are a great writer, try not to critique me to much. Your writing is exciting and reviting!