Monday, April 20, 2009


I am not above taking free things from the side of the road! In fact when children outgrow things so quickly that is my preferred way to shop! I am beyond grateful and happy that we got this little house yesterday! I wanted one last year but it's nothing the kids "needed" so wouldn't buy one. They play in them at friends' homes and other places so it wasn't on the top of my to buy list. But when I saw this sitting by a neighbor's curb, I rushed home to ask Jay to get it. It didn't fit in our car (RAV4) so he drove down the street with the back open and the little blue roof on the top of our car! It was quite a sight but the kids are beyond excited. They played outside for 2 hours today!!! How grateful I am!
So the moral of this story is to keep your eyes open and don't be shy to pull over (like I still am). Because people put stuff there for you to take!