Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday fun

My daughter just turned 4 this week. To make her day special, she woke up to find the house decorated.
She found "four" gifts. I hid them after hearing this idea from others. I love it! Nothing more fun to kids than hidden treasures! (I say four in quotes because I got her more than four but they were part of the same present. I got her Baby Alive and bought a extra box of food so that was technically two gifts. And I got her a groom Ken doll with a wedding gown for her Barbie. She also got a puzzle and a movie.)

Later in the day we had a Princess Party for her. I asked all her friends to come dressed as Princesses:

My friend made a castle cake:

And I stuck to my theme throughout. It wasn't hard at all but it looks really nice and Vienna loved it all.

When she gets older, I'd like to put streamers on her door frame so when she wakes up she can burst through that. Love that idea from Kathy!
Feel free to share your birthday ideas! I just started this whole thing and love the different ways we can make our kids feel extra special on their day!! It doesn't take much.