Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vienna is earning back her toys

Last week Vienna thought it'd be fun to pull all her toys off her shelves and make a big pile in the middle of her floor. She and Lance had fun on that pile! I told her while she was making the mess that she would have to clean it up. She felt rather overwhelmed when it came time to clean up. (EVERY toy was on the floor and out of it's bin or bag.) So I helped her while also guiding her through the process. The VERY NEXT DAY she decided to do this again. As she started, I was firm and warned her that if she continued she would have to clean it up by herself. I was not going to help her again. She said ok and carried on making the mess. By the end of the day, she did not clean it up. The next day the mess was still there so I told her that she had that whole day to get things picked up or she would lose her toys. Before bedtime came the toys were still on the floor. I (well Jay) got two large plastic bins and filled them with the toys that were on the floor and we put them in the garage. Vienna didn't care until her bedtime routine came and she realized a book we read every night was in the garage. We decided that in the morning we'd make a chart and she could earn the book back by cleaning each day before bed. After which, she'd earn a sticker. 5 stickers = toy returned. It took Vienna 7 days to get 5 stickers and after all that she chose an Aladdin figurine not the book! The cutest part of all of this is that Vienna took initiative and made her own chart before we even talked about it. She drew herself on the left and the swirl on the right is her toy. Here is her chart. We start a new one this week!

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