Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have a DVR and record everything I watch now! I easily skip over commercials and boring parts of shows. One of my favorite shows right now is American Idol. (How I love skipping over the phone numbers and bad performances.) My favorites often change week to week plus I never vote. I just love the show to watch the whole journey. I think this year more than ever it's been obvious who they want in the top 13. They have showcased certain people and their stories to clearly have them stand out. (Danny whose wife died is perfect example.) I don't like that bias but whatever... part of producing a show right?
Right now my favorites to watch are the dualling piano guy Matt, Jorge with his amazing voice and long hair quirky tattooed Megan. I find the blind guy Scott interesting but really don't care for his voice. I loved the Michael Jackson theme last night because I have been a fan of his MUSIC (not the man) for years and knew all the songs and really enjoyed the performances.
So if you watch Idol and care to share, I'd love to read your comments!!

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Kathy said...

I love my dvr too!!! I haven't watched last nights show yet - it's on the DVR but I watched DWTS last night instead of IDOL so I'll have to catch Idol tonight ... then I'll let you know who I like!