Monday, March 23, 2009

Sermon Sunday: Parenting

Each week when I leave church, I take the bulletin home covered in notes and scribbles. I have a stack of them now! So I thought it'd be smart to compile the info in one spot... my blog! I decided to call it "Sermon Sunday" and hope to be good enough about setting time each week to write down what I want to remember. Sometimes I only have one or two lines... and other times... I have to grab an extra piece of paper as I did this week.

Mar.22.09. Bob spoke on "The Christian View of Parenting"

He talked about ways we provoke our children. God says in the bible to not provoke our children to anger, otherwise we can give Satan a foothold in our relationship. Not good.

With reference to raising kids: "What I say on Sunday is what I do on Monday." We have to live the life we're guiding our children to live. Children pick up on hypocrisy.

Over protection leads to no trust.
Lack of standards leads to no direction.
Depreciating their worth leads to a feeling of insignificance.
Failing to show affection leads to no touching. (Hugs are important!)
Setting unrealistic goals leads to no success. (They might think: Why bother trying.)
Neglect leads to no time together.
Showing favoritism leads to kids feeling like there is no justice in the world.
Criticism leads to no responsibility. (They may think: Why try if I can never do it right.)
Excessive discipline leads to kids not understanding grace even from their mistakes.
Indulging them blocks intimacy.
Inability to change your parenting style as they age leads to no growth.

Just a disclaimer that sometimes I write things down exactly as I hear them and other times how I interpret them. Sometimes things I hear trigger other thoughts and ideas. So this is all over the place. If you want to hear the sermon, you can visit my church's website directly by clicking here.

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