Monday, February 23, 2009

My happy scrappy space!

My son was born almost two years ago. When we prepared for his arrival, my office (3rd bedroom) got disassembled. The desk and frequently used items moved to the kitchen and other things got piled and shoved into my bedroom. My scrapbooking stuff was in various boxes and organizers so it was a chore to set up and clean up. And worse... my bedroom was cluttered, cramped and hardly a haven.
Well last month, I joined a card making group at my church. The first night I came home, I was motivated to reorganize my bedroom to create a work space!! So just last month I moved my bed to an obnoxious part of the room. It's right there as soon as you walk in and there is only about 2 feet between my bed and the closets.

But it freed up all this space on the other side of the room so I could set up shop! And that's exactly what I did! Finally I have a space to call my very own! I can leave things out and just close my bedroom door so little fingers don't get into it all. I put the white cubbie hole bookshelf that I had in Lance's room on top of the brown shelf that I used to have in the livingroom. I brought my card table in from the garage. (I used that as my kitchen table the first 4 years we were married! Great little investment!!)

To make my room more complete, I added a bunch of pictures of me and my man on the wall that's across from the foot of our bed. I framed the saying "Always Kiss Goodnight" too. I love how that wall looks, especially since my poor room never saw a coat of paint since we moved in.

After I took the picture above of the bookshelves, I got to Good Will and found some cute baskets so put those in the white cubbies. Looks better than cardboard boxes from wipes. (Old habits die hard.)

This is for those of you who like to organize... Some time ago I asked around to see how people organized their stickers. I finally found a great system that holds all my stickers in their various sizes.

My 8x11 paper is all sorted by color.

And one of my fav organizers... my little drawers for pens, scissors and punches.

This space has given me the motivation to work on my albums again. And I even made a card for my grandmother's birthday. I love having motivation to be crafty again! All because I met a few great ladies at my church who also love paper, etc as much as me. It's very exciting!!


Kales said...

Glad you have your own space, I need to come up with something similar, MY Scrapbooking space. Perhaps once we get rid of some of our junk in the basement.

Whitnee said...

It really looks beautiful! Congratulations and have fun! :) -wys

Deborah Harms said...

Hey Mary, I'm so excited for you! I have to tell you though, organizing your scrapbook space can be even more addiciting than scrapbooking itself!

Amy said...

Oh my word Mary, that looks SO awesome. And I LOVE the colors in your bedspread! I need to come over and check it out in person ASAP!

Amber said...

I'm very impressed Mary!!! Great organization job, I'm so jealous. lol.

Tracey said...

Yay! It's lovely! It was nice meeting you in the hallway... I know I was so glad when we moved here that I would have space for my "stuff". ~:-D

Kathy said...

love it Mary!!!! =)

Darcie said... fun! Having your own space where you can leave things out makes it more exciting, and you are more apt to play. I am so thrilled for you. ENJOY!