Monday, February 16, 2009


I wrote this note on Facebook but wanted to expand here and add some more info.
Facebook is a great tool. I’ve reconnected with old classmates and it’s an easy way to stay connected with friends and family. I update my photos and videos all the time and I love looking at everyone's pics. I can write notes and like how Facebook has a news feed to let everyone know when I post a note. It’s one stop shopping for all.
My's addicting. Why do I feel compelled to read every comment that comes thru my notifications? There is no need for me to read someone’s comment after my own on a friend’s photo. There is no need to constantly check the homepage for updates. There is no need for me to read all the questionnaires people are filling out.
Rant time... I despise personal conversations on walls visible for the world to see. Some things are better for email and some people have no discretion. I think it gives us a false sense of connectedness too. We know what's going on in our friends' lives without even speaking to them.
I share a lot on Facebook but I also have my privacy set to high. I don't like people seeing when I comment on pics or videos. Who I become friends with and when. And I disabled my wall to curb questions that people should email me about. And I am careful what pics I post of others, often asking permission first.
In my efforts to cut back & stop checking Facebook all the time, I’ve discovered that some people don’t use their regular email anymore! This forces me to go into my Facebook inbox to reply. While there, a notification often distracts me and I’m sucked into the time-killer that Facebook can be.
For the past few days, I've been looking at my notifications that come by email and not logging in directly with each notice. I have saved a lot of time even if I am not getting back to people right away! So if you are reading this, email and phone are best to reach me.
And you know what else I have discovered? I don't miss it as much as I thought I would!


Kathy said...

I totally agree with you Mary and have felt the same way lately. Too much info being posted on that site!!! I have taken a week 'break' from facebook, and like you, I didn't even miss it! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I do miss you on facebook as I like reading your comments. However, I have to agree with you about everything else. There are really only a few people I like to connect with on facebook. Other than that it's just a place to stock people. Do I really need to know what my best friend from grade 4 is up to? A friend I haven't spoken to in years? No. I too uped my security. I'm thinking it's probably time to reduce my friends list.