Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahead of the clock

"Lack of planning by you, doesn't constitute an emergency for me."
I saw this sign once upon a time in an office... probably as assistance's cubicle! It's so true though. People push their stress on others when they don't plan right and need help. Like the old classic story of the ant and the grasshopper.
I was reflecting on this concept today. As a parent I realize that I feel most stressed and yell the most when I am trying to get my kids out the door. We're in a hurry because I waited too close to the departure time to get myself dressed, them dressed, do my hair or do V's hair, eat breakfast or prepare their snack, etc. I think that I need to start getting them ready first THEN let them play til we leave rather than letting them play until we HAVE TO start getting ready. Having the bags packed and ready early prevents me from forgetting something too. (Like my cell phone charging!)
But really... I want my kids to live in a calm environment and my disorganization is no grounds to yell at them. They aren't being naughty for moving slow. They are children and just don't have a sense of urgency to get somewhere by a certain time like I do.
This is a simple concept. Easy to do. Easy to lessen stress in my home. Lack of planning by me, does not constitute an emergency in the lives of my children. Simple enough.

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