Tuesday, June 17, 2008

APE Central

I’ve loved monkeys, apes, and Curious George for as long as I can remember. It’s in the family, passed down thru my mother’s line. We love the little critters. I had so many stuffed animals, knick knacks and pictures that my firstborn’s room theme was Curious George. This was before the new movie and TV show came out. So as I thought of a blog name, it was only natural that primates be in the title somehow. But this blog is not about picking fleas and eating bananas. Its intention is to help ME get more organized. I keep an online blog for my kids and I must say that I update it much more often than I normally would because I know people care enough to read it. I’ve been told so. Soooo…. Why not have the virtual world help me yet again… this time at being more organized and productive in my daily life. I had my first diary when I was 9 so I like to write. I love getting my thoughts out of my head and SEE them. This is APE central… a place for home projects, encouraging thoughts, tips for organizing, unique decorating ideas, ideas for fun with kids, etc as I continue my journey as a full-time homemaker.

On another note, thank you fellow bloggers (Kathy, Jessica, and Amy to name a couple) for your blogs. I’m excited by the things you write about. I am a girl of detail… (closets look great but my house is messy) and I love the ideas you have. I am totally copying you. Haha!

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