Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sharing my story on HuffPost Live

Two years ago I blogged HERE about how my Colin was a surprise after my husband's vasectomy.  We wanted to share our story so that when other people did an internet search, they would find us and know that they weren't alone.  People found it!  Check out the comments!  You see, when I was pregnant and looking for answers, I literally found ONE other person who had a story like ours but she wasn't able to say much because unlike us, she sued her urologist and was in the middle of it all.  I really felt all alone and confused!

Fast forward to last week when I got an email from HuffPost Live's reporter Nancy Redd.  She said she wanted to share our story on their program!  After talking to Jay, we agreed to do it.  The story has already been told and it's fun to talk about what a miracle God has done in our lives!

The ad is up!  I am sweating now!  So nervously excited to get our story out there!

The show airs at 4:50pm EST but will be archived for viewing later if you can't watch live.  I hope people watch because it's interactive and you can leave comments!  {I don't know if I will see them live but I'll definitely go back and read them afterwards!  We'll see how distracted I am!}

If you pray... I sure would appreciate the extra prayers.  No nerves.  Clear words.  And for God, Colin's wonderful Creator to get all the praise!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Taking a photography course!

I've had a DSRL camera for months and finally committed to an online class to learn how to use it to its full potential! I blogged about it on my photography blog HERE if you are interested in details!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mattress protector

I have always used mattress protectors.  Come children, I got the good waterproof kind.  Sadly a certain child has peed through even those ones so I went on Amazon many months ago and found this thing to try:

I wish I knew of these sooner!  Rather than change a whole fitted sheet, this amazingly absorbent underpad really does protect the mattress!!  It's amazing!  You can't see from the pic but it's only as long as the edge of the picture above.  So if you have a child who flips a lot while sleeping, it may not be the best option.  But for my child, it is fabulous!  I wash bedding regularly so it's smaller for the washer, so much easier to change AND it's sooooo effective!!!  LOVE IT!  

And since I wish I heard of it sooner, I thought I'd share!  

{I have received no compensation for this BUT if the company reads this, please send me another!  haha!}

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lopsi Noodle Newman. 2002 - 2014

When we lived in Alabama, we visited a dog rescue called Lil Tykes that only carries small dog breeds.  We love Boston Terriers and asked if they had any.  They showed us a one-eyed dog named Jewel who was a Boston mix with the brindle fur but she was in a room with yippy Chihuahuas and that turned us off.  Instead we went home with a sweet Jack Russell mix named J.R. that we renamed Junior.  He was such a suck and I felt bad leaving him when I went out.  We had him for two months before we went back to get him a friend.  
Again we asked if they had any Boston Terriers and again they showed us Jewel.  This time she was outside with the bigger dogs.  She was so goofy looking and as we looked over all the dogs, she climbed up a fence!  She didn't quite get over but she had personality!  There was something about that one-eyed little thing!  We ended up taking her home for a trial.  Needless to say, we adopted her and renamed her Lopsi, after Cyclops.  {Cyclops would have been too mean!  LOL!}
She and Junior got along great!  {We only had Junior for 2 years because he got ended up developing a disease and we put him to rest.}

The poor girl had a rough start.  We were told that she was about a year and a half old.  We guessed her birthday was summer 2002 so we just made it the same as Jay’s.  She was in the shelter 7 months before we brought her home!  Before that we are certain she was abused and that’s how she lost her eye.  Her eye was actually open and damaged for months at the shelter and they gave her a “permanent wink” to make her more adoptable long before we came along.  

Her open and damaged eye.
She was soooo skittish is those early days.  She cowered when she walked.  She yelped if we moved too fast.  And she yelped and jumped when Jay took off his shirt and swung it over the back of a chair.  But she and Junior hit it off well and there was something about her I adored.  I just love Bostons and Chihuahuas and she resembled both being a Boston/Rat terrier mix.  {Some think she might have had some Chihuahua in there too.}

But she lived a great life with us and was able to feel safe and secure and was the perfect lap dog!   I protected her when she felt unsure of things like fast moving kids!  She'd run behind my legs or come sit close to me where she knew I'd keep little hands off her.  

Sadly Lopsi was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  We found that out after taking her to the vet when she cracked her jaw on a raw hide last December.  She was no longer a candidate for general anesthesia and they were unable to really examine her well.  So we ended up treating symptoms as they came.  She has been having multiple issues that are unrelated to her heart failure and has been to vet many times in the past few months.  She was simply getting old.

Jaw issues, teeth infections, urinary issues, etc.  She has fallen down our stairs many times too but thankfully never injured herself there!  So we knew the end was coming…. We just didn’t know when or how it would play out.  We didn’t want her to suffer.

This past weekend she developed another infection.  

Her face was so swollen that her skin split on the way to the vet!  She was put on antibiotics and pain meds as we tried to keep her comfortable.  Unfortunately the next day, she fell down the stairs in the morning and by late afternoon she was lethargic, and wasn’t walking right.  Our hearts were torn but we knew it was time.  We couldn’t watch her suffer any more.
Tail wagging at Momma before her latest infection.  A little weary looking.
We explained everything to our children. Allowed them to say good-bye and took photos. I tucked them all in to bed before going to the vet.  I took Lopsi myself while Jay stayed home with the kids. 

On the way to the vet I listened to the radio and I kid you not, these two songs played on the radio.  
I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew: {I can't make this stuff up!}
You're Going to Miss Me When You're Gone.... {The Cup Song}
The lyric "you're going to miss me by my hair" brings on a whole new meaning!

Break my heart!  
We had lots of cuddle time at the vet.  I took more pics of her and a video and she sat on my lap, her favorite spot, as she left my world.  This pic was the last one I took before the vet came in.

I took her home to bury her with the family.  But that drive home was awful!  I kept thinking that she might wake up!  Later, Jay was so bothered by that idea that he left her box open a little til we buried her the next day! 

We didn’t do anything fancy at her grave.  We basically just told the kids to never dig her up!  Colin just might try!  We talked about painting a rock to mark her grave.  I also plan to make a Shutterfly album and we talked about that.  Later I printed photos of Lopsi for the kids and they slept with them nearby.  Colin even fed his Lopsi picture crackers the next day!  So cute!

She was with me through my pregnancies.  Cuddling with me when I was ill.
2004 pregnant with Vienna
2005 pregnant with Vienna
She welcomed each baby home.  Sniffing and never getting jealous.

Newborn Vienna
1 month old Lance
Loved to sleep and cuddle with all of us!

Meeting Colin
Our Hoover!
Colin talking to Lopsi

She was good company for me when Jay went away.  

She was my little sidekick.

But she loved her Papa too.
Their first birthday together. 
Hanging out in the backyard at our old house.
Jay loved to animate toys for her!

Jay was so proud when she killed a skunk!

She traveled with us every single time we went to Canada and even on some NH vacations!

She traveled so well!
Walking along Bay of Fundy
Hiking in NH
Stayed in hotels with us.

And now I look back at how fast 10 years went by.

Who would have known that a smelly, goofy, one-eyed pup would have been such a faithful lil companion?  Such a perfect fit for our growing family.  She was flexible and sweet til the end and we are all going to miss her so very much.

Wherever she is, I hope she has lots of "chew chews".  

Booger had a stash!
And has a nice big field to run in.  Preferably with lots of moles to kill.

And is nice and warm.
Our pretty Southern Belle.
My lap is lonely without her....

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Lost at the beach

Call it mother's intuition or what you will but when my family and I went to the beach on the busy holiday weekend, I told my kids that if they couldn't find our umbrella to go to the lifeguard if they got lost.
I have NEVER told them this before.
And they have never gotten lost before.
Mind you... we've never been at such a crowded beach before!

It was just soooo busy and kids drift when in the water, or in my case when they chase seagulls!  So I stood with them at the water's edge and pointed to where we were sitting.  Then I pointed out the lifeguard:  "Kids, this is where you go if you get lost and can't find us.  Did you hear me?  Please say yes Mommy so I know you heard me."
"Yes Mom," they said.  Kids played.  All was well.

Then Vienna had to go to the bathroom.  Jay stayed with the boys and I took her.  

While we were gone, four year old Colin went missing.

We were there with my in-laws and some friends and Lance and our friend's son said that Colin went with me.  But Jay knew I would have told him {true!} and he sensed something was off.  So he started searching.  Then over the PA system, it was announced that Colin was waiting for his family at lifeguard chair 7.  {We were sitting on the other side of lifeguard #8!}

Jay got to him and had him safely in his arms before I got back.

It happened THAT quick.  

I am just soooo grateful that Colin listened to me and went to the lifeguard for help right away!
Can you imagine if we searched in THAT crowd for a long time?
I am so thankful it all worked out so I thought I would blog my little beach safety tip.

Show your kids where they should go for help when they get lost!  And this applies to any place you go!

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